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Al Jazeera BBC & CNN Hate Us So Remember..

Everyone knows Al Jazeera BBC and CNN hate Israel and provide a ridiculously bastardized report of Israel’s wars of defense against Hamas-ISIS barbarism. Their reporting is so ridiculously focused on hating / demonizing Israel that no normal sensible person can really believe it if they were non-Jew hating.
What’s clear to point out is the ridiculous incessant focus on civilian casualties. All 3 news sources meticulously search after footage of any “heart breaking scenes” of only Arabs which they don’t know are even true.

Arab propaganda machines focus on the ignorant sympathizers of humanity to care for the Arab citizens as they forget who the real cause of all calamity and war is. Hamas and the two faced Arab countries created and continue to persist on maintaining fake refugee status for over 7 decades. While they conveniently forget that Israel absorbed more Jewish refugees that turned citizens in less than a decade all under attack and wars. So, war is only brought about by Hamas attacks. Hamas is only in power by citizens who voted them in. Both Hamas leaders and citizens celebrate whenever they kill innocent civilians in their attacks including women and children.

What Al Jazeera , BBC and CNN will never admit to show is that the source of these so-called atrocities is Hamas themselves. You’ll never hear that their leaders in Doha Qatar including Ismail Haniyeh sit in luxury without a care in the world as they send their Gazan citizens to hell in suicide terrorist attacks. Hamas’s leadership live in luxury while their people are kept in poverty. No reporting of that vital truth at all.

Al Jazeera BBC or CNN don’t report that Egypt refuses to take their own people in and not one Arab country gives a single damn of the citizens of Gaza. What about the aid that Egypt, Jordan and every Arab country refuse to give or even let pass through? What about the theft of aid and the destruction of infrastructure the citizens and Hamas divert to further their terrorist activity.

What about the continued firing of rockets on civilian cities in Israel. No mention, no care. So you’ll say well that’s because there are little to no casualties, yet it’s vitally important to point out Israel forcibly spends so much money and time to build defence knowing beastly enemies like Hamas will fire rockets on our cities. So why don’t the enemies develop them? Are they dumb? Yes, but that’s not the real reason. The real reason is they don’t need it since they will never be attacked unprovoked like Israel is attacked. They don’t fear for their lives, they invite their own loss of life.

What about the tunnels and armament that is clandestinely prepared with all citizen’s knowledge . Are citizens really innocent ? What about Israel’s notices sent to the population to leave areas of attack ? What about the disproportionate restraint that Israel uses in micro focused bombs and clear warnings in advance of bombings that hurt and cripple Israel’s resolve to destroy and defeat the enemy that is so desperately needed.

Al Jazeera BBC and CNN after lengthy articles of repeated blame on Israel and oversight of deliberate Arab carelessness perhaps at best mention one sentence of the Israeli hostage count or loss of life in a sea of Israel blame and hate. This is only to save face as a news source. Slowly shifting the truth of unprovoked barbaric attack to a game of numbers in casualties.

More than anyone else, Jews around the world need to be clear of this false propaganda and phony lies that has been fed to all for decades. Always remember, Arabs started every war, Arabs invented hijacking and terrorism to the world, Arabs developed almost nothing except hatred, destruction and lies about everything. Arabs dance on the streets when their terrorists kill civilian Jews and babies. Always remember, that no terrorist ever cared about land and self-rule as they scream out Alah Whakbar when killing Jews. Always remember that 99% of the Middle East is occupied by Arab populations – the real occupiers. Remember all Arab countries were created post WWII and don’t have any true nationality, as does the exception of Israel. Remember, that we allow Arabs to become citizens of Israel as they danced on rooftops when Sadaam Hussein shot scud missiles on Israel. Remember, Arabs sit in our knesset collecting fat paychecks and comfort living standards as they undermine us in every arena of Jewish life and security Remember, those who are kind to the cruel, end up being cruel to the kind.

Most of all remember, that G-d watching above on high has been desperately giving us this land he promised our forefathers 3000 years ago and we keep faltering and refuse to inherit it for foolish fears rather than listening to the clearest message of all in the Torah. Do away with your enemies and inherit the land in full.

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