Fight Social Media with Facts.

Many news media outlets quickly denegrate to antisemitic anti-Israel reporting. Quickly they turn the perpetrators and haters of humanity to innocence and defenders of moral justice to enemy. Fake news is especially the signature of the Arab world. So as many engage on social media, I share a bullet list of unwavering points helpful in responding to almost all anti Israel posts. Feel free to add to the list.

  • Don’t forget who started this and every war on Israel
  • It’s never OK to breach a border to burn, butcher, murder, rape, and take hostage another group of people
  • There is little to no moral outrage by any Arab leader over the 40 babies beheaded, women raped and paraded, a youth party slaughtered, and families butchered in their home with their children
  • Spokespeople try to hide behind the “Palestinian cause”, but no terrorist had any national or land cause on their minds, plans and actions.
  • 99% of the Middle East is occupied by Arabs, clearly this isn’t about land.
  • Civilians chose Hamas as their government and are not simple innocent bystanders.
  • Arab muslim civilian education calls for the killing of all Jews.
  • Arab Civilians celebrate after every terrorist attack on Israel
  • Hamas kills their own citizens who decry injustice or pose a threat to their way of rule.
  • Hamas forces citizens to stay in arms way to be used as human shields.
  • Hamas if had the upper hand, would wipe out every man, woman and child of Israel and all Arab leaders and civilians would celebrate.
  • Egypt sealed their Rafah border to their Arab brethren and even disallowed aid to pass through. So, did Jordan. In fact, no Arab country opened their doors for refugees or aid.
  • Israel undermines their own defensive war by asking people to move away. Something no other country does. This allows the terrorists themselves to move and avoid being killed.
  • Remember 1981 where Israel bombed the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor and was met with sharp international criticism including the US. It was rebuked by the UN Security council and General Assembly and media outlets as “state sponsored terror”. Yet in 2015 U.S. Secretary of State and Supreme Commander of NATO on their triumph in Operation Desert Storm acceded thanks to Israel’s actions in 1981.
  • A short while ago, Minister Smotritch called for the removal of Huwara and was almost lynched by the left. Today, we speak of removal of all of Hamas a hundred fold larger in size and everyone now understands. (Who is wise is the one that sees before the catastrophe. Tamid 32a ).
  • Unfortunately until now, Israel had no moral clarity to wipe out terrorist due to leftist politics whose moral confusion has undermined our land and people for decades.
  • Therefore Israel should unequivocally fight this war against evil without reserve and the world must understand it as they did with Hitler & ISIS. It’s absurd for Israel to continue to fight terror reservedly.
  • No more should Israeli intelligence watch mass Hamas parades and leave them alone.

Some of the worst anti Israel news media include Al Jazeera, Skynews, BBC, The Guardian and New York Times with all their Jew hating followers. Identify the outlets reference here and pound them with a bullet list of truths.

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