Rotten Liberalism

Western Liberalism Flawed at it’s Core.

For years as Hamas plans terror and builds terror infrastructure the world is paralyzed. Israel wouldn’t attack for fear of condemnation and America wouldn’t let them declaring it unjust. So here we are waited for the successful attack and then responded in incredibly impossible circumstances. The enemy not only learned with repeated attempts on how to successfully infiltrate after being given repeated practice trys but had an easy entrenchement to a reprisal response by integrating themeselves with so called innocent civilians. Holding Western liberal values makes a removal of terror long and impossible with the added bonus of allowing just enough time to create world condemnation to frame the victims into the aggressors. Suddenly it’s forgotten who the terrorist are and who started it all.

Due to liberal leadership of fear to strike terror early, we find ourselves in a pathetic contradiction of notifying the enemy to evacuate as we provide Israel’s step by step war moves contrary to any military guide. In essence, we allow terrorists to further booby trap buildings with unfathomable ploys of recorded hostages and babies, terrorizing and robbing their own civilians and then hiding behind them as innocent citizens themselves. Israel’s announces civilian evacuation corridors to essentially allow terrorists to all get away.

To add salt to the absurdity, now America and the world spends billions in building shipping ports and providing supplies that eventually goes to the terrorists as Israel continues to spend billions destroying empty buildings and sacrificing our innoccent soldiers who were only called to defend our existence. To date, over 286 soldiers, 134 hostages and ~1,500 civilians have all died of an enemy we knew thirsted to do so.

Imagine if in 1981, Menachem Begin waited only until Saddam Hussein would fire nuclear warheads and destroy Israel to then react. This is essentially what was done with Hamas’s announcement in 2016 and worse , our help to build them in 2015’s disengagement. Everyone knew Hamas’s charter, yet not until our backs are up against a wall with an existential threat will it move a leader of Israel to take action. Quite the opposite, we bowed to evil and retreated from Gush Katif and all the surrounding settlements built with Jewish blood and tears. The work to restore Israel’s re-establishment in her ancestral land a holy command to inherit the land has turned into a dirty word of “settlers and settlements” by our own liberal Jews.

Even today, arguably deemed the worst failure of Israel’s history – the worst part of the story is still here. That is, I feel Israel has not learned her lesson and we are still at the mercy of flawed liberal Western doctrine. Had we a clear moral compass, Israel would not lack the boldness to strike evil first. Yet one can assume billions of dollars will continue to be spent to create further defensive measures of putting a kippah over our heads from raining bombs instead of wiping out the enemy at source. Israel continues down the warped ideology of absorbing a blow and only then reacting out of sheer existential need . This in fear of what the world might say contrary to Liberal ideals of being first to eradicated evil with a clear consciensiosness we are doing the right thing.

No , it’s time to yearn for clear morality, clarity of purpose, and boldness of action without fear of Western liberal warped idealogy which one day soon surface to everyone as wrong. As our wise sages once said, “those who are kind to the cruel are really being cruel to the kind”.

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