Moral Clarity & Ways to Help Israel

  • Respond to all vile media reporting by hate filled stations like Al Jazeera, BBC and even our own media Haaretz which itself will do whatever to hold a grip on their Hellenistic liberal ways against Torah values. Here is a list of biased news media
  • Respond to the error of having our enemies live amongst us within our country and at our borders whilst we refrained to remove them in advance for fear of stirring world emotions . Now they represent a bigger threat to us as we respond to external enemies without the element of surprise we are left with added danger from Israeli Arabs within who wouldn’t hesitate to repatriate to their Arab brothers if they had the upper hand.
  • Assist in a paradigm shift of thought from defense and even embrace of the enemy to one of removal and unabashed inheritance of the land
  • Assist in a paradigm shift of thought to remove cancer as it attempts to spread its tentacles and not only after it kills healthy parts of the body
  • Shout out the absurdity of vulnerable border perforations left unchecked to appease world nations fake claims of inhumanity shame or other. Enemies of Israel continue to create fake reasons to disguise their true intentions of destroying Israel.
  • So desperately wanting a common denominator we don’t treat enemies as an enemy . So we end up being cruel to our own
  • to understand evil is to eradicate it. Jewish people have a hard time with this. We don’t even react when they try to kill us . We only react when they succeed in killing us