Foolish Jews of Helm

Don’t Be The Foolish Jew Duped for Decades

For over a century we saw clearly that enemies that attacked us and the nations of the world that oppressed us with their pogroms and holocausts were never a changed face.

So after Israel’s victories the Jew haters got smarter and appealed to the intellectual faculties of Jews with arguments about land and humanitarian obligations, and unlawful occupation etc etc etc ..

The foolish “intellectual Jews were duped and still are while the simpleton Sephardic Jews see it simple and clear . We Sephardic Jews didn’t learn about Arabs from some textbook . We lived with them. We also have clear faith and trus in god’s promise to conquer and inherit the land as a commandment not up for discussion

Mr Alan Dershowitz has been arguing liberalism but with all his argumentative skills was shown he was duped back in the 80׳s when he debated Rav kahana who was not a lawyer, had no courtroom experience but ratherjust basic understanding and knowledge of truth.

This intellectual malady runs rampant among Jews. It is what has failed us for over 7 -8 decades to conquer and inherit the land as commanded us to do by the highest moral single proven authority – G-d himself.

Watch Dershowitz then and now.

Alan learned a few things this night

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