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Fear to Disagree with United States

Yesterday Gantz and Lapid blasted Ben Gvir for stating a truth on television that “Biden is not fully backing us when he provides fuel and aid to Gaza.” 

This boils the blood of any Jew since we know, had the centrists not spewed and indoctrinated their weak ideology in Israel, we wouldn’t be in this situation

In 2006 when Hamas came into power I thought we would launch an attack and utterly destroy them as they gathered in Gaza  marches swearing the destruction of Israel – this especially after acceding all the Jewish territories in 2005 of Gush Katif and surrounding communities. This after seeing the pain of our own people uprooted out of our own land by our own army. This after seeing our hard work of flourishing industries destroyed in Gaza. This after knowing Gaza is biblically no less Israel than Tel Aviv if not more. 

These puny political doves could not preemptively strike accordingly, and as a result now lead a reactionary war that killed to date 225 soldiers because they couldn’t see the obvious. They were cowards not to stand up and call out the enemy. Instead they chose the chamberlain drug to call for peace. Peace that provided fuel for rockets and money for terror and created HAMAS UNRWA infrastructure and arsenal. This and only this killed our soldiers in our present war.

Today, they continue to cow, unable to call the enemy an enemy in front of world opinion. These cowardly, liberal, western copycats  are the reason today we haven’t inherited all the land. We have absorbed untold losses of life and money for their failures.  For decades we suffered under their pathetic rule that slowly brainwashed Jewish youth removing their ancestral roots,  raping us of our Jewish ideals that surfaced after the holocaust by even the farthest brethren of Judaism. Holy ideals of Jewish land settlements were bastardized into negativity and replaced with Arab rights ? Lies of a Palestinian people have been inculcated in even the minds of Jews brainwashed from the decades of Arab propaganda and swallowed by Centrist Israelis who today use their terminology and ideology daily.

For over three decades we’ve been dragged into war after war incurring human losses, kidnappings, terror attacks, suicide explosions and understood nothing from it. 
These centrist party leaders get on television night after night puppetting meaningless words of victory and staunch fighting and they know nothing of the sort. Only due to the present dire situation and people with real Jewish ideology have fed them their minimal stance they would have not otherwise been able to formulate on their own. Devoid of Judaism and Jewish idealism liberals can offer nothing but harm with their fear to lose a transient smile with the USA. Little do they realize, the USA respects and listens  to Israel solely due to strength and dominance. That strength came from a 67 pre-emptive strike on Egypt’s air force, a pre-emptive daring raid on Entebbe, a preemptive attack on Osirak’s nuclear plant and a bold preemptive attack on Iran’s facilities. Not on fear. None of which today’s liberals could have accomplished.

Centralist liberals are well fed with enemy parlait and don’t have a leg to stand on for self patriotism.
Winning starts with a call out of the obvious truth and not agreement of the same old fear to disagree with the USA. The truth must be repeated to come to correct conclusions that Israel must re inherit the land of Israel and throw out the lies that kept them here until today. The liberals are dumbfounded and afraid.
   These liberals have undermined the Jewish soul , the Jewish Bible, the Jewish land, The Jewish G-d and his will for decades. No wonder the Zohar foretold they would be the enemy within. These parties brought us October 7th , and if they were leading the country on Oct 6th with only their ideology , Hamas would not be labelled ISIS, divisiveness would be rampant, and their empty ideology would lead to cowardly loss of land power, and ultimately a Jewish national homeland – and then I don’t think Gantz and Lapid wouldn’t have a platform to express their agreement with Biden. 

I imagine today Israel would have developed the Lavi fighter jet to be world class head and shoulders over the F35 and beyond what the USA has to offer today. I would imagine our own plants manufacturing the latest and greatest armament supplying the IDF comfortably for any sustained war and then some. Then exporting subservient munitions to the rest of the world. This and so many more superiorities that would have the USA bowing to agree with Israel and not the other way around. If only, we had true Jewish warrior leaders inculcating true beliefs in the Torah with fear of G-d and not fear of mere mortal man.

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