Undermining Israel from Within & Without

Today, Ex Mosad head Tamir Pardo (2011-2016) undermines us by calling us Apartheid on national tv. Think of all the sweat invested in Hasbara that gets trumped by a senior no less head of Israel’s Mossad !
Today, Supreme court Judges want to overule basic knesset law that has never been done before to enforce Arab occupation of Israel and remove Jewish residency of Israel’s heartland. A redemption that was won over 75 years.

Today three arrested for shooting in Nazareth mayoral candidate as rising Arab criminality weighs on our police and security personel. Yesterday the papers wrote about a rape conducted by 3 “Israelis” in Cyprus. It turns out they were Arabs but our papers won’t tell us that, and deliberately hide their names. What does that do for our statistics ? We can only imagine how many other Israeli statistics are skewed in the name of Arabs and how our governmental systems are strained of resources managing them.

Arabs called “Israelis” – what an oxymoron. The name Israel comes from ישראל which means the children of Jacob exclusively. Another foul misnomer. We forcibly added them into our lexicon because we couldn’t deal with the truth of separation of peoples.

Where is the love of Israel and our raison de etre as we fleed dozens of countries over centuries just because we were Jewish . Now we’re undermining ourselves. It begs the question, when there is no Judaism there is no connection. And if there is animosity towards Judaism we must really ask ourselves the question. Are they souls that don’t belong to our people as the Zohar states is the case ?

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