Israel Paying Arabs

Paying To Keep Arabs in our Land

The absurdities today

Tensions continue to simmer in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber regarding the opening of a neighborhood school that teaches, for the first time, the Israeli curriculum. No progress has been made to find a solution as of yet. This is absurd that these people are given citizenship and don’t agree to follow the rules of the country. More than that, their curriculum instills hate of the very people who provide them a home in our land . Absurd ! This isn’t absurd by the Arabs as if I were an Arab I would do and say the same thing to a pathetic Jewish government who allows to undermine them !

The Parents’ Committee of the Al-Iman School has published a new book against what they see as the “Israelization” of their society. This phenomenon, they say, manifests itself in various ways, including in the Israeli curriculum taught in Arab schools in Jerusalem. Basically another cover to maintain their hate literature against Israel. If Arabs don’t want to be Israeli then leave Israel !

The Jerusalem Municipality and the Nature and Parks Authority have issued to the residents of Isawiya and environs a joint announcement of intent to construct a national park in the area. The residents claim that the designated area belongs to Arabs of Isawiya. Again, just undermining the country in every possible way, wasting our time fighting the basics of a national homeland. Ridiculous.

Clean energy for Israel-Arab cities. (TY Hazel) Israel has launched a NIS 30 million plan to promote green energy in Israeli-Arab cities. It will finance energy production projects, such as replacing old, inefficient lighting and air conditioning systems, plus the implementation of solar projects in public buildings. . So Israel spends Jewish citizen taxes to fund Arabs who do nothing for themselves except undermine Israel and cost us more money, time and headache. Absurd !
Israeli help for PA fish farmers. (TY Hazel) Israel is helping edible fish farmers in the Palestinian Authority cities of Tulkarm and (yes) Jenin. They receive financing, equipment, fish food, water filters and training. The Israel helps with veterinary medicine, forestry, plant protection and agricultural imports. . Diddo .. the absurdity gets crazier..

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