Israel Fence Breached

G-d Is Calling. If You Would Only Listen

The heavens call out to us. God so to speak says “I’ve brought you home to Israel 76 years ago even though you didn’t deserved on your own merits of belief, or by your own yearning , I was forced to bring catastrophe of a שואה to awaken the heart in you.
But I knew עם קשה עורף you will quickly regress and still not attribute your hearts to recognize me as the sole salvation the sole reason for all that occurs in the world. So I put you to the test and had you cornered in 1948 to announce the state and see my wonders . You saw the wonder , yet still afraid to recognize that I own the world and the nations if you but just trust in me to inherit the land to the fullest. But by your own free desire, you didn’t stand to the test and reclusively stepped back in practical fear and failed to conquer the land not only over the Jordan, but even in the heartland – Yehudah Veshomron. Even to include I G-d was so difficult to put in the Declaration of Independance that it was settled as the rock of Israel to allow alternative interpretations rather than your creator.

So with the pressure and fear of attack from surrounding nations I molded you into a nation again and begged you to realize it is I the same G-d that took you out of Egypt that sends all this to you now. Come on, declare me G-d kingdom of the Universe and show the nations around you how it is so.

You didn’t harken, so I tightened the grip of hostile enemies together with France and Britain to barr your ships to pass the vital suez canal for goods and service. Certainly, this time you would stand to fight and see it is I that am knocking. Left with no choice and no help, so you entered the war of 1956 and in five days G-d made it so that our army captured Gaza, Rafaḥ, and Al-ʿArīsh—taking thousands of prisoners—and occupied most of the peninsula east of the Suez Canal.  So now it was clear that G-d had brought the salvation. Now it is time to declare my dominion over Israel the “apple of my eye” to shine forth the message to all the nations and rightfully complete the conquest of Israel. But it wasn’t to be. Israel stepped back once again and Israeli forces withdrew in March 1957. Though Egyptian forces had been defeated on all fronts, the Suez Crisis, as it is sometimes known, was seen by Arabs as an Egyptian victory.

Did we get the message no. So I I heightened the clarity gauge and this time announced all the surrounding Arab countries to attack . An unneccessary mortal fear if but you only beleived in me. I allowed for the greatest miraculous six day war in 1967 that history ever saw. Undoubtably the most miraculous wars of all. Euphoria followed but still I G-d was not in the picture by the majority of the Jewish people. Most Jews attributed the win to the army’s prowress and might.

So as I awaited for the recognition of your father in heaven a father that your forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob had shown you, it was not forthcoming by the majority of the ingathered Jews of the land. So I was forced to change direction and bring about the Yom Kippur war. Why this day do you ask ? Well, when you’re not deserving of countenance I need a single window of time where you are worthy , it is this day that I forgive all inequity – to maintain your miraculous existence, otherwise, otherwise my laws of nature would prevail to end your above nature existence. The loss in war may have slightly humbled many yet nonetheless did not awaken my presence as master of events. Human Intelligence agencies reviewed their oversights and decided it was their tactical error and their practical errors to correct for the future. Where am I in the picture ?

In my abundant mercy I let the people rest , strenthen and repurpose. Allow Jews to flow in from all corners of the earth and see the miraculous success of a country that ought to have failed for oh so many reasons. Yet as time passes, so does the recognition in my kingship . So I am once again forced to knock and so I send a people that are not a people to be thorns and thistles in your thigh (Numbers 33:55). I created the intifadahs, no more would they be armies to win but a much more meager enemy. A group of thugs from within to shake and rattle you and show you it is not your physical might that prevails you. A force that aught to be removed overnight lasts decades to awaken the heart and see it is I that am begging you to remember the source of all existence and history. Yet my people see and hear nothing.

Now we approach 5774 , time is closing in, the people have not trusted in me to deliver the land and 76 years have passed. 50 years (a yovel Jubilee) after the Yom Kippur war I come this time again to show you with all your reliance on superior technology and your thirst to make peace with other countries before inheriting the land I provided you, I must show you your folly. A simple bulldozer will breach the fence and in they will come. and unfortunately a severe blow is required to shake the inaptitude, fear, passivity and ignorance of I your father in heaven. Now where is your technology ? Will this finally stir up the people to complete belief and full conquest of the land I’ve been knocking on your door for 7 decades?

יודוך עמים אלוקים יודך עמים כולם – The Nations Shall know G-d , All the Nations Shall Know.

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